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How Will I Deliver Client Films & Photos in 2024?

Great question! As we all know, what we choose to deliver wedding videos and images plays a huge part of our service.

There are countless ways to deliver content online, some are pricey, some are more branded than others, some are down right nasty. USB's can be pricey and time consuming, and in the end the client may not even have the means to access whatever is on the USB; Barbra at the post office isn't in a hurry with the customers in the queue in front of you and it can be super time consuming - time you would rather spend editing or chillin!

Consider the following:

1. Is an email with a Dropbox or Google Drive link cutting the mustard? 🤮 2. Are they able to download their wedding content on to their phones? 3. Does the client have a computer that they can plug a USB or DVD into? 4. What will emphasise my brand and show my work off the best?


What do I use and why?

Reason #1 - I use Eazyflicks because I'm able to deliver both photos and videos at the same time at a very reasonable price. I used to use USB, then I wanted to switch over to online delivery because it was a headache. I soon realised I needed to pay for a couple of services to deliver both properly. Damn, I guess I need to create something. Fair play I didn't know it'd take almost 2 years and a ton of hard earned cash to get it to a good place, but here we are.

Reason #2 - The user interface is slick and simple to use. There are just four main steps to creating a collection. Name the collection, choose a style you like, upload content, publish. No messing about, you have already done all of the hard work, the delivery should be simple with zero compromise in quality of service. Whether you are delivering photo only, video only or both, the templates adapt to your needs!

Reason #3 - Premium accounts offer custom branding, so my logo is seen often, and it links back to my website. It makes the whole thing a little more bespoke and just works. > > Check out this gallery example! < <

Reason #4 - Eazyflicks has a slideshow creator and a gallery music feature! It's super easy for me to create a view-able slideshow (with music), and also, to upload a track to the clients' gallery. Such a cute little touch.. aww.

Reason #5 - There's actual humans behind the brand and an awesome community on Facebook. There's nothing worse than having a problem that is ignored, You even get to vote on which features come next, and Eazyflicks is listening! Go and see what's happening for yourself - Facebook User Group

More Key Features Include...

• Full gallery downloads to mobile

• 4k Support - uploads and source file download

• Password protected galleries

• Download pin protection

• Branded emails to client from dashboard

• Video hosting (A cleaner Vimeo / Youtube alternative?)

• Track Client Downloads

What other users have said: "Cant recommend these guys enough , always happy to help and actually speak to real people , just started offering video and this saves us so much time , thank you :) "

"Loving Eazyflicks! Business game changer! "

"I love Eazyflicks! It’s so easy to use "



So there we go, the full write up! I hope you like the content here, catch you on the other side, and go give it a bash!

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