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Relaxed & Passionate Wedding  Filmmaker and Photographer

I'm Jon, a father and a husband - married to a magnificent lady, Samantha, and we currently live the Van Life!

I began shooting a good 9 years back, when I decided to make a complete career change from support work and pursue something I absolutely love - photography!

Slowly but surely this then progressed into making films, and later on, I became a fully-fledged wedding videographer and photographer travelling worldwide. 

My work has been awarded multiple times by some of the most prestigious names in the industry - in 2016 I won wedding videographer of the year for the North West TWIA. 

I approach each wedding differently, literally shooting what is happening as it happens. Getting in on the action, the laughs and the cries, and delivering the real and raw emotion from the day. 

I tend to blend in and stand out at the same time. It's important you and your guests are comfortable with me, it means I can get away with getting up close to the action.

Ping me a message asap to chat!


Jon Bird

Things I love.









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