3 BAD ASS Ways To Deliver Wedding Images & Videos in 2021!

The traditional way of delivering wedding images to clients was through print. The photographer would develop their best images, print them / create an album and deliver this to the client... still a brilliant way to deliver today!

Albums and prints however, are commonly seen as an extra these days, an extra to the digital images that are generally delivered via USB or CD/DVD.

Some photographers are still using USB as a method of delivery, as are videographers with DVD. A survey suggested that the main reason for this was to give the client 'something in hand' or 'something tangible to get excited about arriving at their door'. Not to say that this method cannot still be used alongside some of the methods below.

Regardless of how we are currently delivering our clients content, it would be naive to think that in this digital era where iPhones, iPads and new technology is forever advancing, our clients wouldn't want a streamlined, simple and fast way to view and share their images/video without waiting for a USB, without having to find a way to get the content from their computers to their phones and without the need for old USB compatible computers. (yes this is happening!)

For the photographer or videographer, the cost of buying USB's, packaging, postage, returns and journeys to the post office can add up very quickly when compared to sitting behind their desk.

So what are the 3 best ways of delivering your clients beautiful gallery and films with the above in mind? Below is a list of three online delivery platforms that are taking advantage of this advancement, and giving your clients an experience they will love!

1. EazyFlicks (Photographers + Videographers) www.eazyflicks.com

This is my choice of online film and photo delivery

I love Eazyflicks for its simplicity. Simply upload your content, create a collection, set collection options such as password protection etc, and send it to the client in a beautifully branded email, right from the platform!

Your client can download their films and images within a couple of taps super intuitively. My clients love it.

Main Features:

Photo and Video Compatible - Eazyflicks is designed with the photographer AND videographer in mind. It gives you the freedom to upload both films and images into the platform using a choice of templates that suit your style most. You can then generate a link to share with your client.

Video Hosting - You can host your videos from the platform! Choose a thumbnail, grab the code and add it to your site, dead easy.

Slideshow view with music - Most photographers love to make slideshows. Eazyflicks allows you to upload your music tracks and upload the images you want in the slideshow. The client will then be able to view the slideshow under a 'slideshow' tab on their gallery!

Mobile Ready & Source File Downloads - Your clients can easily view and download their images/video straight to their mobile device. This includes full collections! They can also download source files and social media size files.

Gallery Background Music - A perfect way to add to your clients experience. Add music to play automatically in the background wile they view their collection.

Free for Life - 2GB free storage to use as you please, only upgrade when you need to.

2. Pixieset (Photographers Only) - www.pixieset.com