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Living in Airbnb's with my Family - The Why & How


One of my favourite films (sorry not sorry) is the one and only Titanic. I can remember the scene when Jack sits down for a meal with Rose and her family. They ask him about his story, where he lives etc and his response is along the lines of this...

"well, right now my address is the RMS Titanic, after that I'm on God's good humour."

One of the family members snarls and asks, "and you find that kind of route-less existence appealing do you?" Jacks response is;

" well yes Ma'am I do. Got everything I need right here with me. Got the air in my lungs and a few blank sheets of paper. I love waking up in the morning not knowing whats gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet!"

Jack's view on life was obviously somewhat outside of the box. People around him could not fathom why he chose to live that way but Jack knew that beauty and excitement was encapsulated in the diversity and contrast of life.. Different people and experiences. The unknown.

The Plan


Here's the thing, our plan is minimal. Plan too much and life becomes predictable and stale. Don't plan enough and the risk becomes greater (but still isn't exactly life or death like some may make out).

My wife and I are basically the same person it's just that she has more hair than me. We think very similarly and find enjoyment in the smallest of things. We don't attach ourselves to any of our belongings. Our cars, home furniture, collections, we drop in a beat, we don't allow these things to become our identity.

This is why we have chosen to leave where we are, the house, the town, and venture off to the unknown. We have a plan which begins on 1st September. The plan is that we have booked a month at a time in various places using the awesome Airbnb. For as long as we want, we are going to use Airbnb homes to spend short periods of time in new and exciting places. This isn't a holiday, this is for as long as we want to be on the road. There are no rules as to where you should live, and if your circumstances are marrying up, then why the heck not give it your best shot!

The home we are leaving behind


We need change and space. I have spent all of my life in one place and I refuse to spend another 27 years here just because I was too scared to have a go. Here's the thing, most people laugh and think we are mad for trying something that isn't classed as normal. I don't share that mindset and I won't let it put me off doing something that my heart wants me to do.

Fear is the number one reason we all decide against something. The reason we say no. The reason we don't have a go or put things off for another day or end up feeling demotivated. When was the last time you said "actually, go on then. let's try it." That idea you have which could be career changing if you pursued it, instead of feeling stupid or scared of failing, say "yes I'm going to nail it." How about that hobby you love and are confident you can achieve big things in? Instead of just leaving it as a hobby and becoming scared by thinking self destructing thoughts, have a go, you CAN achieve those things.

What your mind can conceive your body can achieve.

We've grown to accept the fact that there are people in this world who just don't think this way and that we are a little different, but that's ok.


For now while I am still busy with weddings, we are staying within a comfortable driving radius. We plan on a tower view castle building in LLandudno in September - the blissful seaside but with a bit more going on! After that we are having a country break in a quaint town called Sinderhope in the North Pennines which is a lovely barn cottage next to a lake surrounded by greenery. Then it's a city break in a 3 story modern home near the docks in Liverpool. After that? we decide a month into the trip. That's the beauty of it. See where we fancy and make it happen!


There has never been a more appropriate time in our lives to actually try this out. We are not tied to a regular job or school (we home school our children) so we have a lot of freedom. Our kids are out priority too. Over anything in this world, I would spend every minute with my family if I could! For them, it's going to be of great educational benefit and life experience. We also have ways to contact other home educated children and families so we can branch out and meet new friends.

The price of doing this is within our financial means, but it isn't cheap. In a nut shell, the more you want to spend the better the place of course. But see it like this. When you live month to month in an Airbnb the following is included:

Council tax


Maintenance bills

Holidays (new place, new feeling of being away)

New furniture (no need to buy anything)


And anything else you pay for at home!

Our latest Airbnb in Florence

Following up from the above, we have taken the plunge and sold pretty much every thing we own. Sofas, beds, valuables, guitars you name it. But we have never felt lighter! Being able to pick up our camera gear and a suitcase at the door is going to feel so liberating. I mean we always said we were minimalist but this is a whole new level.

Being a photographer too, I can add value to the Airbnb owners by giving them professional images of their homes in exchange for a discounted rate. This is the gem! Try new things, they work when you say yes and put away the fear.

Bring on the next few months!




PS: If you want £30 off your first Airbnb experience, sign up using this link:

Follow more of our travels on my wife's blog here:

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