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Zesko Presets for Lightroom - A New Quest!

So after much thought, I have finally decided to start producing Lightroom presets for wedding and lifestyle photographers. In the future I am also looking to help people with their film colour grading by producing different LUT's for them to try out on their films! Since a recent break in, where I lost over 12k of gear to someone who had a very merry Christmas, I decided I needed to give back to the photography community as well as try and start saving again.

Recently I have been helping more and more people come into this wonderful industry. I don't currently charge for one to one lessons or workshops but with a recent robbery at my studio, where I lost ALL gear and had to re-buy the lot, I figured selling these downloads might be a good side product for me to earn back what I lost.

I would love to start my own workshop or online video courses, and I am sure that will become a reality when I have a little more time, but until then it would be great to see where this little quest takes me!

I'm all for having a go. I believe in quality too. If you have something of value that you can give others, go ahead and make a move, don't be scared to take a leap and show them what you got!

If you are looking for ways to improve your images, why not start here. Check out what I do and get in touch if you need any more info!

Please share this post if you feel you want to help!


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