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Price vs Cost - 3 Rules to Making The Right Choice!

When considering your wedding photographer or videographer, it is important to evaluate the price vs the cost. What does this mean? Well, let me explain.

1. You get what you pay for, most of the time

We hear it time and time again but I have to say, there is truth to this statement. There is usually a good reason why one brand of clothing, for example, may be more expensive than another and it is usually for reasons more than just the item of clothing itself.

Consider the brand Jimmy Choo vs River Island. Why are Jimmy Choo shoes so expensive when compared? It could be said that Jimmy Choo pay close attention to detail, using the finest materials and craftsmanship to create their shoes. Not only that, their reputation is massive, their branding and perhaps their whole brand ethos is that of luxury and class.

Their price also promotes their exclusivity, making them only available to a certain market who want to set themselves apart - unlike the high street store River Island where the majority can buy not just a cheaper product, but at a lower budget with the compromise of settling with a less exclusive brand and clothes that may deteriorate sooner.

In any market, especially the creative market, you generally pay for the vision and fine detail the brand put into their product or services.

The general rule is, if the person is cheap you will get cheap OR if the price is low, the cost will be great

2. Value is EVERYTHING, seek it out!

What is value? Value is the standard or level of service that you receive as a client which will help you determine whether the provider is WORTH the money or not.

There are many things that you might consider valuable when making a purchase such as the standard of the product and attention to detail, the person you deal with and their attitude, their determination to make you their priority, their ease of contact and much more.

Sometimes you can see a product's / service's worth just by looking at it! Other times you may need to test just how valuable they are, perhaps checking their reviews, speaking to people who may have used their service before or even meeting up with the provider to break the ice!

Whatever you do, look at the bigger picture because how much you pay for a service will determine how valued YOU are as their client.

3. Think before you try to barter on price!

When approaching your wedding photographer or wedding videographer, don't be so keen to ask for a discount! Like above, first determine how valuable the person will be to you both and your wedding and the bigger picture.

If you have a tight or strict budget just be honest when contacting us! I believe there is someone for everyone and although how much you spend will determine the level of service you require, you can still find a gem!

The problem with asking for a discount, however, can potentially break down the relationship you make with yourselves and the provider.

We are all taught the 'if I don't ask, I don't get' approach to buying, but this can sometimes be detrimental to the booking process because you have already potentially devalued the service and all of the hard work that the provider has put into making their service better than the rest.

There is no invisible margin that I work to if someone happens to ask for a discount. I weigh up my worth within the industry and simply wait for the right client, who can see my worth, to book!


Price is one thing, but cost is another.

When choosing your wedding photographer or videographer you want to be sure that they are worth it. But remember the biggest rule of all:

If the price is low it may cost you more than money can buy.

Wedding memories are everything, so get out there and consider the above when searching for your perfect wedding creative.


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