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Venice // Italy

Since I was a young lad making Lara Croft do eagle dives into the canals on the PS1 game 'Tomb Raider', I have been curious about this wonderful place. This week I had the honour of visiting it with my wife and kiddies and all I can say is WOW.

Venice can only be described as a perfect blend of romance, culture and beauty with a few somewhat sad undertones when you pass the odd homeless person. Italian food is what I eat most of the time at home so when we ate here we felt at home! Pizza, pasta, risotto, repeat! The coffee and hot chocs were great too.

The thing I loved most was getting lost every time I left the building yet not feeling threatened or vulnerable even at night! Every street was lined with quirky shops, the fish market was a stones throw away from our apartment and the fresh fruit was delivered by boat right below our bedroom window every morning.

I don't like droning on but check out the pictures I took whilst there and enjoy!


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