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5 Tips on Writing Your Speech & It's Importance for the Film!

So I was having a little chat with a fellow 'vog' recently and the subject of speeches came up. It kinda made me realise how important the speeches are for the film, but more importantly how important it is that I educate my clients on its importance; still with me? Let me explain...

How I use the speeches in my signature wedding films

Before I even flick through the footage from your wedding I build a firm foundation of audio to help tell the story. This means that the speeches basically make up 90% of the intro in my films, that's why it's so important to really put some time into the writing of the speech and pouring out your feelings.

Here's some insider tips:

1. Struggle to show your feelings or talk in public? at least write three sentences about your wife and give it your best shot!

2. Don't just say your "thank you's" and be done with it, make your wife the star of the show! This will help the story along and sound amazing over the footage.

3. Perhaps tell us how you got engaged, even if it's brief, your story is a great one and now's the chance to tell it.

4. Is your wife looking amazing? Let her know.

5. Try and be natural, reading from the sheet is fine but using your memory and feelings is what tips the film over the edge

Even if you take one or two of these tips into consideration whilst writing your speech it can transform your whole wedding film. I can choose the best, most emotional music piece you have ever heard but without the story and the emotion coming from the heart in the speeches, it will lack some extra special emotion. You get one shot, help me make your wedding film the best I've done yet!


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