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Videographer of the year Award // North West TWIA

On Monday 9th of November I was awarded and crowned with great excitement and appreciation, The Best Wedding Videographer in the North West. Wow. This award has certainly done wonders for my confidence as a wedding vendor and creative. I feel the whole industry has shaken my hand and said thank you for the quality I have put into it.

Photos by Adby Creative

The last year has been hard work, but in a great way. I have grown as a person and my style has been moulded as a film maker. And this was the cherry on top! What an inspirational night, being surrounded by wonderful suppliers of the wedding industry, some of which I was thrilled to associate with as they were people I have always aspired to!

It's safe to say I was very nervous to hear who had won, so much so I had to hide behind the content of a bottle of red and a very strong cocktail, or two. But when he announced my name, it was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. My work has paid off, and my clients have shown their appreciation by voting me highly!

I just sat my self between a handful of hot ladies, and just as I thought life couldnt get any better, it was my time to shine. BOOM

Bring on 2016, where I will continue to provide my couples with the best possible standard of work. Thanks to all who have got me here so far, I am truly grateful and extremely excited to start up wedding season again!

North West Wedding Videographer of the Year // Winner of TWIA 2016

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