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6 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Videographer!

Whether you've been preparing your wedding day for a long time now or have only just started looking into it, there's always something you miss or decide against. Did you know, a bride's number one regret is not getting their wedding day filmed? Below are 6 reasons why every bride should book a videographer!

1. Emotion!

As a wedding videographer, I am solely booked to capture the emotion of the day. I pride my self on fearlessly filming you and your guests crying, laughing, dancing and loving the day. This is where video really holds it's own. Coupled with romantic and cinematic music, interesting angles, the sound of your other half's breaking voice as he tell's you how much he loves you and maybe the odd smoke bomb scene; there really is no better way to review the emotions of your day than through video.

2. Motion

It's pretty basic, but if you are anything like my wife you may feel that pictures of yourself don't always do you justice, especially when captured off guard. A video captures motion, the laughs and smiles, the real movement from start to finish. It is a totally different experience when you watch your self back in a video. All of the little moments are captured and tell the story of your day so much better than what a photograph may struggle to do!

3. That little bit extra

You may already have your photographer booked. He could be the best photographer in the world, but he can only be in one place at any one time. Who's capturing Nanny Dorothy giving your groom a big hug whilst your photographer is taking pictures of the table decorations? Who's capturing the flow of your expensive dress as you glide down the aisle, or the motion as you wipe the tear away from your eye? To me, my wedding video is the best thing I ever did, and it isn't the first time I've heard that! There is nothing quite like having that little bit extra, the extra scene or guest, after all you deserve it!

4. You are never getting the speeches back without one

Well this one is obvious. Pictures cannot, and will not, bring back the sacred words spoken on your day. Your husband to be and your father have probably gone bald and developed a few crows feet writing their speeches, not to mention almost dying as the anticipation builds before standing up and crying in front of hundreds of people. Why wouldn't you want a video of that? Photography simply does not capture that but your film recreates all of it!

5. You are guaranteed to cry, every time!

I've got to be honest I don't even look at my photographs. Not because they aren't amazing, because the photographer did a great job but because I can sit back with my wife and watch our little feature film and cry whilst reliving it all. Your memories of the day are brought back instantly, and you and your family will be balling every time you watch it, guaranteed! It takes a hell of a photograph to do that!

6. It's the best way to share your wedding with others

You have worked so hard making your wedding a beautiful one. Not only do you want to see that fairytale come alive when looking back at it, but you also want everybody else to see how amazing it was! 9 times out of 10, people stop to watch a video. When you share your video online for your friends or family to see, you can guarantee they will watch it from start to finish, wipe their tears, and watch it again and repeat. There is no picking or sieving out the best images to show people, just one link will showcase your perfect day, perfectly. No hassle.

If you haven't considered a wedding video until now, I would be adding it to the list of things to do asap! One of my clients said out of all the things she spent her money on, the video was by far the best investment she ever made. Your wedding day has so many more elements to it that the photographer just cannot capture. Check out my wedding videos here and try tell me otherwise!

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